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Oswaldo Farias

The State of Orange County

Today Monday, January 7th, 2019, Resilience OC, the UCI Law School Immigrant Rights Clinic and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) hosted a press conference to release a report that outlines the state of immigration enforcement in Orange County. The report contains a first look at data about the impacts of the county’s immigration policies and places local officials’ entanglement with federal immigration enforcement efforts in the context of the county’s anti-immigrant legacy. The report is also forward-looking. It lays out a set of questions and demands for local elected officials to guide them towards a more inclusive future in which all immigrant communities are protected and treated with fairness and dignity.

The report comes as Orange County’s political landscape is being transformed through bold organizing by communities of color, as evidenced by the major electoral upsets during the November 2018 elections.

To download the report click here.

Oswaldo Farias
Oswaldo Farias
Oswaldo is the Communications Coordinator for Resilience Orange County he can be reached at for any comments.

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