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OC Human Relations Honoring Sheriff for Anti-immigrant Policies

Today Orange County Human Relations is choosing to honor Sheriff Sandra Hutchens who has chosen to uphold anti-immigrant attacks on our communities by siding with the Trump Administration. For years Sheriff Hutchens chose to maintain and implement the lone 287(g) deportation program in California and directly place Orange County residents under the constant threat of deportation. At a time when anti-immigrant sentiment is growing in our county it is imperative that we do not uplift those responsible for spreading it. Along with immigrant and labor rights organizations we sent a letter to the Orange County Human Relations CEO and Board saying that they reconsider honoring someone who is leaving a legacy of divisiveness. (The letter we sent can be found below.)


This was the response we received from Alison Edwards, the CEO of Orange County Human Relations:

OCHR Response

Orange County Human Relations is still deciding to honor Sheriff Hutchens and it is shameful that in the same event that they are honoring someone who has contributed to the local immigrant rights movement they are choosing to uplift someone who has earned a legacy comparable to Joe Arpaio. A legacy that has been riddled with scandal, corruption, and anti-immigrant hate. There is NEVER a right time to honor that type of legacy!
Resilience OC
Resilience OC
Resilience Orange County is an organization that was created in 2016 out of the merging of two established organizations RAIZ (Resistencia Autonomia Igualdad y lideraZgo) and Santa Ana Boys and Men of Color.

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