Sanctuary Cities Must Stand Their Ground And Protect Immigrants

Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
January 25, 2017

Sanctuary Cities Must Stand Their Ground And Protect Immigrants

Orange County – We condemn President Trump’s executive orders signed today that represent hostility towards our immigrant communities and allow law enforcement agencies to engage in racial profiling. The actions taken today by this administration will start the construction of a wall in the U.S. southern border with Mexico, increase the number of border patrol agents, the revival of 287(g) agreements to allow local law enforcement agents to act as immigration officials and to threaten to cut federal funding to “Sanctuary Cities”.

This is a test to “Sanctuary Cities”, specially those that have meaningful protections that go beyond symbolic rhetoric, to stand their ground and lead the resistance against an administration that is openly hostile towards our communities and capitalizes on the false narrative that immigrants are criminals. Cities must protect the due process, civil rights and human rights of its residents. They must use every single tool available to slow down, stall and challenge these draconian efforts by President Trump’s administration.

Fear and anxiety is growing in our communities as the anti-immigrant and nativist rhetoric continue to be validated by this administration. Vigilante and white supremacists groups will feel emboldened more than ever to harass and engage in violence against vulnerable populations.

Resilience Orange County remains committed to organize and push back against the criminalization of our immigrant communities and any deportation efforts by this administration.


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